hi guys! here i'm bringing you my current june 2018 playlist ♡ i love all these songs so much so if you have not listened to them yet make sure to check them out!

lady - yubin

JYP, wondergirls, and kpop image JYP, wonder girls, and yubin image
this song + the visuals of the mv make my 80's inner self so satisfied ugh i love this so much. yubin is the legend of legends

take me higher - a.c.e

choice, jun, and ship image wowkwan image
probably their best song to date. the color rates chosen for the mv adjust so well to the song and the production is good yet very simplistic which i really like a lot

supermodel - sza

Mature image beautiful, hair, and supermodel image
i've been listening to a lot of sza lately, but the song that has been stuck in my head since day one is supermodel. the lyrics are very powerful as well as the mv, sza is a mf queen

remember - katie

artist, axis, and katie image kpop image
i got to know katie bc of this song. her sound is very different to any other kpop acts rn, you could say her music is more western type of music which is really cool. i hope to hear more from her in the future

good evening - shinee

Jonghyun, k-pop, and key image Jonghyun, key, and kpop image
i can't stop listening to this song. it has a shinee sound to it yet is very different in some kind of way, i love that they are experimenting more and more. shinee did it again

love4eva - loona yyxy ft. grimes

korean, chaewon, and loona image love4eva, 이달의 소녀, and loona image
loona are always on my playlist but this song has been on repeat since it came out (i'm listening to it while i write this) this song only got me more excited for their debut. i can't wait

想你想瘋了(crazy for you) - jun

jun and Seventeen image dino, DK, and jun image
at last, this amazing cover from this amazing boy. his voice here is so amazingly beautiful and holds so much emotion, my boy is really so talented. june got its name bc of this man

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