Andrea Pierce

Back story

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Andrea born in February 25, 1476, Bulgaria.
she ran away from home after her sister, Katherine gave birth in 1490, and this is how she was saved from Klaus .In 1493 she met Rebekah Mikaelson and they become best friends, Rebekah treated her as a sister. they loved to get drunk , control other people by Rebekah's Mind Compulsion and traveled the world with fancy dress and carriage . In 1495 she turned into a vampire by Rebekah Mikaelson ( Andrea was 19 years old) . In 1880 she met Stefan Salvatore and they become family. she spent 50 years with him , and she met Damon in 1960 in New York and help him to turn his humanity on.


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Big lips, blond hair and big blue eyes. tan skin. Impressive.

Supernatural Being

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Katherine Pierce's biological sister . the salvatore brothers are like famliy to Andrea.


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Niklaus fall in love with Andrea. but she hate him because he murdered her family.


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Andrea has classic and comfortable style


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Andrea loves to party , she is smart and sometimes shy. she will do everything to help and protect her friends. she love to laugh and tell jokes. sometimes she is a bitch and impressive. she is "living the moment".


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dance and write.