Little mix is the biggest girlband in the world . They were formed back in 2011 at Xfactor UK . They are talented women who can sing and dance at the same time.

little mix, perrie edwards, and jesy nelson image

Four little girls who grew up together to create inspirational music for everyone. Their voices are amazing and the way they hit those high notes and still looking great is magical. Perrie helped me understand that there is no problem in having scars that tell your story and that you should not be scared to show them , because they are a part of who you are . Jesy is the one who always makes me love myself no matter what. Leigh taught me that out there in the world people will always judge you , but as long as you believe in yourself and you don't listen to what they say you will feel really happy . And Jade showed me that there is nothing in this world that cans stop you from having fun , from expressing yourself and from telling everyone what your opinion REALLY is .
So, if you want to feel empowered just listen to LITTLE MIX.
a mixer

little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image