Hey guys, today I am doing a tag were I tell you if I could be....what I would be. Lets go

❀ A Disney princess

This depends. By looks most likely Aurora, since we both have blue-grey eyes and blonde hair. But when it comes to characteristics, I would be belle. We both have a passion for reading, and are both pretty peppy and positive. And we are both cunning for achievements.

disney, book, and beauty and the beast image

❀ Element

Fire. Not only is this my zodiac sign element, tried, but can I realte to this element. It s energetic, and crazy and wild in ways, yet needs times to "chill". I love ice as well, because I love the cold and it is blue-grey-ish, so like my eyes. I would be 'Ice Fire".

rose, fire, and flowers image

❀ Fictional character
I would probably be Hermione. I would be a mixture of many fictional character, but most likely Hermione, and luna mixed. Characteristics I have from Hermione are intelligence I guess, bookworm, edgy girl, cunning. From luna I have quirky, unite, and we look alike since we both have blonde (different shade blonde) And blue-grey eyes. But I can relate to many other characters from fandoms like Riverdale, stranger things...etc

❀ Animal
Most likely an owl. They are intelligent, witty and beautiful creatures. I could fly, and would get to see the sky during the night everyday. Only I am personally an early bird, but if I were and owl, that would change. They are also my favorite animal. Not only because they are like the signature animal in Harry Potter, but they just seem like magical, fictional creatures although they appear in reality. Besides they are so gentle, and beautiful with their feathers.

❀ Drink
If I were to be a drink, I would be tea. Tea always reminds me of winter, when it snows. Playing in the snow for few hours to let your nose reden, and the running inside the house were it smells like cinnamon and Christmas tree to drink a cup of hot tea. Tea always gives me those "childhood" vibes. I am still a child, but it makes me feel like ill be a child for ever, Okay stop with the dramatic writing. Im a cup of tea.

❀ Mum
If I were a mum I would definitely not be strict, like shouting at my kids, or forcing them to study everyday, because if you raise them not being strict, they will do all this by themselves anyways. I mean of course there will e rules, but my kids should be Abe to come to me with their problems, not hide them from me.

❀ Word
If I was a word, I would be hope. I like to see the hope in every little thing, even if it is not such a great situation. Maybe I would be happiness, but I feel like hope, since it is also my favorite word ;)

❀ School Subject
If I were a school subject I would be English. English is first of all, one of my favorite languages. Second of all, It is my best subject, and besides I want to be a journalist, and I enjoy writing, reading...etc.

❀tv show
I love a lot, and I mean, a lot of tv shows. But out of all of them, friends would be me. Not because I like it "better" than any other, but I feel like I can relate to some things. Besides, it is comedy, and I would definitely be comedy.

Comedy. I like things that make me laugh when I dot feel so good, so I would be comedy. And it is definitely one of my favorite genre's.

So that was it for this tag. I might be adding more later on, but that is it for now