I'm a 16 year old girl just looking to make herself the best person she can be. This is my journey. My peregrination. Unlike most self-development minded people, I don't know what I'm doing. So you get to watch me, and even join me, as I try to figure life out. Ahhhh scary concept, I know. But you can check in on me here on We Heart It, I POST EVERY DAY SUNDAY-FRIDAY. Thanks for clicking on this article!

Soooooo... I missed two blog posts. My computer was being stupid and I really don't know what to tell you other than, technical difficulties. -.- All is resolved now though! Father's day was crazy busy, so I spent today getting back on my feet. Not to mention, my creative writing class started today and I am in LOVE. If my creative writing blog turns out, maybe I'll share it with you guys. :) Anyways, because of the craziness, nothing too special today. I'm just going to to a Jumpstart Your Growth excerpt because, while WHI is super important to me on this journey, since you all are my accountability partners, the actual completion of my goals comes first. So that is what has to happen today. Hopefully we'll get back into the swing of things soon though! I have lots of exciting articles planned. :D

Day 18 of Jumpstart Your Growth:

Here's the book I'm following:

No factor is more important in people's psychological development and motivation than the value judgments they make about themselves. Every aspect of their lives is impacted by the way they see themselves.
~ Nathaniel Branden

A huge theme throughout John Mawell's book has been potential. I love that word so much, and it's something I've found myself thinking about a lot this summer. I think everyone should question their potential more than they do. Don't sell yourself short. Here's the article from way back when we talked about potential...

Maxwell uses this word as a springboard to launch into obstacles that could block the fulfillment of our potential. He resolves that "one of the main reasons is low self-esteem." When you don't believe in yourself, you don't see your own potential. You don't recognize all the things you could do with your life, and all the dreams you are capable of fulfilling. Self-esteem is something I don't struggle with too much, but having confidence in my abilities and use of self is much harder. I believe who I am as a person is incredibly worthy of many things, but I don't believe in my capabilities, or how I represent myself. Therefore, while I may be confident with myself internally, I struggle having confidence with my actions, my words, my appearance, etc. The external stuff, basically. What I'm trying to say is, this writing prompt was still really good for me, and I think it could help you guys as well: Make a list of all of your best personal qualities. Using the list as a springboard, decide on the one word that best describes you. How will you make this word your North Star as you begin adding value to yourself?

As you do this, let me first say that a good quality does not have to always be prominent. So long as it's something you generally portray, it works. This was a problem I ran into when I did this list. I thought of something I liked about myself, but then thought "Oh but there are instances where I didn't display this characteristic." I had to let that go, because it's a fact of life. You want to aim for perfection, but it's human nature to be fallible. Even the most honest man in the world has lied. So just choose things that you lean towards, and are good at, expressing. :) Hope this helps! I think it's just a great, and simple, self-love exercise in general.

Did I do what I said in my last post I would do? I did get my room cleaned out! Now I'm in the process of redecorating. Hopefully I will have an article on that soon. ;)
How did I fail today? I didn't help my mom when I should have
How did I succeed today? I rebounded quickly on a busy day without wasting much time.
Tomorrow I will: Socialize with some people coming to my house. Ahhh, scary concept.

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