Hello you!
I know, I don't really write this much but I'm doing this article because I want to meet new people and to ( if possible) have an internet best friend.

I will list some things about me and what I "look for" in a friend. <3

things about me

• my name is Sahra
• i'm 16 years old
• I'm a One direction Stan
• i listen to every kind of music and can talk about every kind of topic
• I'm a very open-minded person
• I'm a plant and cat mom
• I'm obsesses with aesthetic
• I'm french
• i have the exact same aesthetic as my profile
• I love harry styles and Leonardo di caprio

( I'm sorry I dont know what to add)

things about you
• I don't care about your religion, sex, orientation or else. I see you as a friend and nothing else.
• I would love to have someone who can send me (or I can send) morning texts (its very sweet isn't it?)
• you have to be 100% honest with me
• please don't talk shit about others

please if you would like to be friend with me add me on skype

lot of love <3