"They see I’m healing,
But I’m in a thousand pieces.
And all these pieces,
They keep falling apart.

You look at me,
But you don’t see me.
You listen to me,
But you don’t hear me.

I don’t have scars,
I have open wounds.
They tell me it’s not that bad,
‘People are dying’ is what they say.

I look at you,
But you won’t see.
I tell you,
But you won’t hear.

I am broken, tired and weak,
My eyes with tears,
People walk pass me,
No one sees, no one hears.

They looked at me,
But didn’t see.
They talked to me,
But didn’t hear.

You know what’s the best part?
Feeling alone and homesick.
Returning to my house didn’t help.
Lost my emotions, lost my care.
No friends, no family, no home.
I am homesick to a place I’ve never been.
I feel alone and missing people I’ve never met.

No one looks at me,
No one sees.
No one talks to me,
No one hears.

The day is slightly ending,
Planes are flying over.
And I am wondering,
How many did see me,
How many did hear me.

You looked at me,
Did you see?
You talked to me,
Did you hear?

Did you…."

~ Elizabeth