“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

-Hello, lovely people of the WHI community!
I'm back but this time I come bearing a huge, exciting announcement on my shoulders. As you can see, the title of this article is Beta Conflict, just like the title of my own book that is now up on Wattpad.

Shameless self-promo in 3...2...1...

Nah, just kidding! I'll just leave the blurb of the story here and a little part of the first chapter.


❝Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon, the truth.❞

In Moon Dust pack, for generations on end, the Alpha's eldest son was mated to the Beta's daughter. It was supposed to be the same for Future Alpha Travis Winchester. So, what happens when the clock strikes midnight and Travis realizes that the girl that was supposed to be his mate was not, but a suspiciously unsubmissive Omega was?

Follow through as the past catches up, unveiling the truth and a BETA CONFLICT arises.

©lameillusions 2018


A breeze entered the office, bringing with it the hot air of the July night. The ticks counted down the remaining seconds that separated Travis from what he'd worked so hard for and from what he'd been destined. Not only that but now, he'd finally have his mate; the sparks, the addiction, the need to be near her constantly, to love and care for her, to make her fully his. Everything. With one final click, the old grandfather clock signaled midnight and Travis' wolf pushed through, claiming his eyes.

Haidee released him, her feline eyes studying him closely. Everyone stiffened, eyeing the male who took a deep breath. His eyelids blocked the glowing orbs from their view and his features rearranged themselves into a blank mask that gave nothing away. The redhead clasped her clammy palms together, her heart beating wildly against her ribcage. She tried taking calming breaths, but panic kept her heartbeat crazily fast.

Travis took his time, picking the scents apart slowly. His eyes snapped open with the startling realization that his mate was not in this room...

If you'd like to read Beta Conflict, you can find the story in my Wattpad account (@lameillusions) which is linked in my bio or you can just click this link:


Thanks for taking your time of the day to read this and thank you more if you choose to give my story a chance.

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