Nowadays people don't realize how limited our time on earth is, everyone is so focused on being liked and getting a lot of instagram likes, that they totally forget to enjoy their lives while they are still young. In the future it won't matter how high your streak with your best friend on snapchat was or how many retweets you got. So put your phone away while having dinner with your family and ask your mom how her day was. Show people you love them without wanting anything in return!!! Leave your phone at home when you go out with your friends, who do you need to text when one of your friends is right next you. Instead of texting other people pay attention to the human being, who clearly wants to spend time with you. All your messages will still be there when you get home. Connect with other people and show them you care and that they are way more important than some device. STOP STARING AT A SCREEN.

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Phones are an addiction and it shouldn't be ignored. Why don't we care when our kids start to stay inside all day to play fortnite? I personally used my phone a lot, I always had it close so i'd be able to check my messages. However after I broke about four phones, my folks didn't buy me a new device. At first I was shocked, because I realized I had a technology addiction and I had this strong urge to communicate with the outside world. After some time I realized how realived and free I felt, I paid more attention to nature, people around me and sounds,which I never noticed before. It really started to get creepy, because wherever I was my classroom, a waiting room at my doctors etc. I just observed people instead of grabbing my phone and checking my insta feed. Now I got a shitty phone and I don't use it as often, but the few months completely without a phone really opened my eyes (even though i was aware of the problem before).

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Dopamine is a brain chemical that literally makes us happy, and it is released every time we receive something on our phones. This is why phones can lead to an addiction. There is a dependence we've developed to our phones that is different from a feeling of calm peace. However social media makes some people feel happiness or it leads them to depression due to the effects on your mental health. Some people might not realize, that everyone seems happy on social media even if it isn't true, which can lead to people feeling lonely, insecure and losing self-love.

so put your phone down and go find adventures....
Life is too beautiful and too short to live it while staring on a screen.