heyyy, it took me 4 months to write the second part but i'm here, call me resilience, hehe. well, hate is a very strong word (just like love) so these are things i don't necessarily hate, but have a profuse disgust. anyways... i'm really glad to be back! enjoy!

1. be lied to

lies, darling, and quotes image
it doesn't make me feel sadness but plain fury, specially when friends do it.

2. dumb people

angry, dumb, and leave image
fortunately, this world holds hope, somehow...

3. molluscs

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some of them may look cute and the shells be pretty but, c'mon, it's kinda gross.

4. beet juice

spicy beet root juice image

5. when people underestimate me

hufflepuff, badger, and harry potter image
am i right or what?

6. failing at something i worked so hard for

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and i have to remind myself to take it easy, humans are susceptible to failure.

7. not having a fair amount of sleeptime

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it crushes my mood to ashes, and it's not pretty, ugh

these things are pretty specific but they really take me out of my comfort zone and oh boy oh boy oh boy, it's always unpleasant. hope you liked it. see you on 3 // 7 (whispers and it won't take 4 months again...)

xo, såøren.