Hey there!

If you're feeling down today, or bored, or tired, I want to remind you that there still are beautiful things out there. It is hard to notice some of them though, because they are covered with a veil of ordinary. I told you guys in my previous article, Midsummer Daydream, that I'd be looking for those little things that make us happy. In this one, however, I'll name some I came across.

Coastal Breezes

friends image bird, beach, and ocean image beach, summer, and surf image girl image

Morning Bakery

food and bread image food, yummy, and bread image coffe, morning, and day image vintage image

Empty Highways

car, photography, and travel image travel, adventure, and mountains image sky, car, and aesthetic image girl, photography, and travel image

Bath Bombs

aesthetic, glitter, and goals image girl, bath, and book image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image gold and lush image

Lofi Hip-Hop

assignment, study, and work image rainbow, music, and white image rainbow, vans, and tumblr image aesthetic, blue, and theme image

Tired Smiles

aesthetic, pink, and heart image girl image Victoria's Secret and barbara palvin image van gogh, melancholy, and picture image

Vintage Cafes

cafe, garden, and green image coffee, food, and breakfast image city, cafe, and coffee image gif, lights, and rain image

Star Stickers & Shimmer Makeup

Image removed aesthetic, stars, and quote image glitter, aesthetic, and eyes image lips, stars, and tumblr image

Late Cinema Showings

popcorn, food, and vintage image grunge, Dream, and aesthetic image girl, cinema, and popcorn image girl, red, and grunge image

Fruit Scented Perfume

peach, aesthetic, and makeup image bathroom, home, and pink image makeup, flowers, and oil image aesthetic, pink, and soft image

Chilly Pillows

all, day, and dance image room image girl, legs, and summer image girl, bed, and morning image

Summertime Rain Storms

Image by 🌹Rose🌹Rj grunge, veins, and quotes image rain, nature, and car image rain, girl, and ocean image

OK, not all of them are THAT little, but you got the point :D

Note: If you find something exciting, relaxing or even just aesthetically pleasing, something that makes a wrinkle between your eyebrows disappear, make sure to fill your life with it. Self care is not a crime.


Thanks to @allrosesandhoney, Tumblr for inspiration.