Fairy Lights

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Although fairy lights are great for any season, they are great for the summer because keeping lights on, or having the blinds open can make it even hotter than it already is. Fairy lights can give your room enough light without making it super warm in your room!

Polaroid Pictures

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If you always want to look at the memories you made over the summer, post your polaroid pictures up in your room so you can always look at them. You can even get creative with how you put it up.


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Maps can remind you of all of the travelling you can/will do this summer! Maps remind you of all the things you can explore and the summer is the perfect time for exploring.


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This best for people who don't like nature (like me!). You can get a sense of nature while you're staying inside by decorating your room with a bunch of plants and succulents and cacti.


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A super cute decoration to add a uniqueness to your room is a hammock swing that fits in your room! There are so many different versions of these that you can find, just search on Amazon and find one that's best for your room.

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