Hy everybody!
Today I thought to show you what I listen the most lately. I think these songs are quick, catchy summer songs that you can listen to on the go. I hope you like it, enjoy:

Dirty Dancing-Time of my Life

Mamma Mia-Our Last Summer

Mamma Mia-Lay all your Love on Me

Aloe Blacc-Make Way

Castelle-We Don't need to dance

Mikolas Josef-Lie to me

Selena Gomez-Back to you

Dennis Loyd-Nevermind

LSD-Genius ft.Sia

Shawn Mendes-Queen

And a few in my language:

Follow The Flow-Nem tudja senki

Senkise x Majka-Uuu

Vad Fruttik-Száj a szájhoz

That's all for today.I hope you all enjoyed my article.I will wirte Sunday, until then
Kisses and Bye,

P.S: Don't worry only 2 days left until summer! You can survive that much!