Hey everyone!
This is my first article, and I decided to start my writing journey with something that I know a lot about, and that is living in a foreign country.
When I was four, I moved to the Netherlands. I was born in Poland, and most of my family still lives there. I came to the Netherlands without knowing the language. Now I am bilingual because I can speak both Dutch and Polish fluently. I will write more about being multilingual in another article, so stay tuned for that!

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So, as you may have expected, living in a foreign country is not easy, especially if you are an adult that already has kids. Not every child adapts very easily to a new country.

When I was twelve, I used to tutor a four year boy from Poland, that didn't know the Dutch language very well. Sometimes he would start to cry, or get angry just because he couldn' t understand what the others were saying. Other kids sometimes even bullied him, while he didn't even know. Luckily I immediately made sure that they wouln' t do it again.

But, kids learn a new language very quickly, and after a few years they probably will be even better at that language than their parents.

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Living in a country without your parents, grandparents, siblings etc. is also not so easy as it may seem. Of course it is already hard because you won' t see them as often, but you will also have to learn how to live without their help. And how cheesy this may sound, you will also miss your country. Even if it betrayed you and forced you to run, you will miss it. You will miss the language. The streets of your city. Even the way people dress or behave. The culture. Everytime someone mentions your country, you will immediately feel like they are talking about you. You will feel more connected to your country than ever, and that is okay.

And then we get to the most "boring" part, I guess. When you move to a country where you don' t know anyone, make sure you have a plan.A house, a job, school maybe? And remember that if you don' t speak the language, you might end up in some unpleasant situations. And don't assume that people will be able to speak English over there, unless it is ofcourse an English-speaking country.

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All of this might seem quite negative, but you are not moving without a reason right? That reason may be something boring, like work or university, but it could also be something exciting, like meeting the love of your life, or just a new adventure.

And don't look so negative at it. Living in a foreign country is very brave, and takes strenght and determination. And yes, there will be some obstacles like discrimination not only based on race, but also ethnicity. But living in a foreign country also has some amazing aspects, like the gift of becoming multilingual, meeting new people or exploring a new culture.

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I hope you all liked this article! I know it is not perfect but it is my first article so I will try to improve!

See ya next time and let me know if you want me to write about a certain topic!