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one day when i was just a small little kido, my grandfather opened a cabinet and showed a picture in a thick black dictionary. he said “kitchen”. “not chicken”.
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when i grew a bit older but still small, he bought me a red four-footed bike and let go the tricycle, which i drove into my grandpa's room and parked always exactly at the same spot - in front of a pile of his books, and spend time with him.
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up a little older, he brought me out to the park as a tradition between us since i was in a stroller. however, this time it wasn't just a promenade.
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it wasn't me modeling in front of the camera. he handed me a camera and let me be a photographer. that was my first time i pictured my grandfather in a frame. me, i was everywhere. in albums, in his camcorder, and in his time.
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he bought me my very first dictionary also with my first encyclopedia, which i was very proud of, since that was the longest word i've just got to learn. my cherry wooden desk, dozens of polly pocket, human size barbie in her wedding dress, candies & ice-cream, every small pieces i've chose on my everyday-visit to a nearby stationary, and a new camera.
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i owe an hommage to my grandfather. if it wasn't him, i wouldn't know how to balance on a bicycle in my life. if it wasn't him, i don't know how i would have pictured my childhood. and, if it wasn't him, i would not have known how cool having a grandfather is like.