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another article yay! in this one, i'll be sharing with you my favorite lyrics from love yourself: tear's tracklist.
disclaimer lol these are my favorite lyrics so don't feel attacked if i don't include the lyrics that you like :)

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💧 intro: singularity
.。.:*☆ "but in the end, spring will come someday, the ice will melt and flow away, tell me if my voice isn't real"
.。.:*☆ "have i lost myself or have i gained you"

💧 fake love
.。.:*☆ "i grew a flower that can't be bloomed in a dream that can't come true"
.。.:*☆ "you say i'm strange when i changed into the one you used to like, you say i'm not the person you used to know, what do you mean? no, i've gone blind, what do you mean this is love? this is all fake love"

💧 전하지 못한 진심 (the truth untold)
.。.:*☆ "i am afraid, i am shattered, i'm so afraid that you will leave me again in the end, once again i put on a mask and go see you"
.。.:*☆ "maybe back then, a little, just this much, if i had the courage to stand before you, would everything be different now?"

💧 134340 (pluto)
.。.:*☆ "if i could, i wanted to ask why you did what you did, why you chase me away, i still revolve around you without a name, the goodbye is colorless, the colors that don’t change"

💧 낙원 (paradise)
.。.:*☆ "if having a future is a dream, then what is the dream you had last night in your bed?"
.。.:*☆ "who says a dream must be something grand, just become anybody, we deserve a life"
.。.:*☆ "to survive like this is a small dream to me, to have a dream, to grasp a dream, to breathe, is sometimes too much to handle"

💧 love maze
.。.:*☆ "if we’re together, even an endless maze is paradise"
.。.:*☆ "trapped in a maze of decisions, exhausted by all the different chaos, we’ve wandered around, looking for the answer, lost in the maze, in the darkness"

💧 magic shop
.。.:*☆ "i always want to be the best, so i was impatient and always restless, comparing myself with others became my daily life, my greed that was my weapon suffocated me and also became a leash"
.。.:*☆ "at the end of my despair, you’re the last reason, for me who was standing at the edge of the cliff, live"

💧 airplane pt. 2
.。.:*☆ "thanks to years of flying, i got a few hundred thousand mileage, it’s time to console you who couldn’t make it, i’ll give you the flight points as a present"

💧 anpanman
.。.:*☆ "some say, you’re almost an old fossil now, you’re not qualified, just do what you’ve been doing before, but i still want to be a hero"
.。.:*☆ "to be honest, i’m scared of falling and of letting you down, but even if it takes up all my strength, i will be sure that i stay by your side"

💧 so what
.。.:*☆ "there’s nothing that works out as i wanted, there’s even fewer places for me to hide, it’s already been a while since the dice were rolled
if you dawdle, you’ll be swept away, oh babe"

.。.:*☆ "even if you’re in danger on the boundary, let’s cut through the wind while laughing and chatting, sometimes run like a fool, with mistakes and in tears, we just go"

💧 outro: tear
.。.:*☆ "because it seemed like perhaps i had never loved you at all, although it was late, that you were true, that only you loved me more"
.。.:*☆ "this is the real you and this is the real me, now we’ve seen the end and not even resentment is left, i’ve woken up from the sweet dream and I close my eyes, this is the real you and this is the real me"
.。.:*☆ "you’re my beginning and my end, that is all, my meeting and my farewell, you were everything, step forward fear, it will be repeated, caused by you, tear"

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kind of a random article i guess but i wanted to do it since bts are pretty good lyricists (in my opinion). although, personally, this album isn't my favorite lyrics-wise, i still wanted to do it since it's their latest release.
well, thank you guys so much for reading!!