every time i´m feeling not as happy as usual, i´d go on spotify and play my "crippling depression" playlist.
now, i wanted to share a few songs.
(most of them are sad love songs dont judge thx)

ed, happier, and Lyrics image Image removed amazing, beautiful, and gif image amazing, beautiful, and gif image
happier - ed sheeran
one direction, Lyrics, and quotes image goodbye, Lyrics, and song image blue, city, and girl image broken, goodbye, and grunge image
love you goodbye - one direction
niall horan and this town image niall horan, one direction, and niall image background, direction, and Lyrics image Lyrics, song, and quotes image
this town - niall horan
quotes, Adele, and song image 25, Adele, and Lyrics image Adele, aesthetic, and blue image Adele, aesthetic, and music image
when we were young - tanner patrick (cover)
light, brunette, and girl image road, hana pestle, and nice image twilight, love, and bella image blue, lamps, and shine image
need - hana pestle
bad boy, boys, and girls image Lyrics, quote, and quotes image yellow and neon image love, grunge, and quotes image
fools gold - one direction
blonde, boy, and broken image cover, Lyrics, and music image love, Lyrics, and text image eclipse, ever, and forever image
total eclipse of the heart - sleeping at last (cover)
one direction, if i could fly, and Lyrics image quotes, one direction, and heart image quotes, grunge, and one direction image aesthetic, cotton, and invisible image
if i could fly - one direction
quotes, Easy, and nobody image coldplay and music image Image by harvestnc quotes, Lyrics, and wallpaper image
the scientist - coldplay
friendship and little mix image heartbreak, Lyrics, and love me or leave me image grunge, Lyrics, and quotes image lyric, mixer, and selena gomez image
love me or leave me - little mix
love and veins image bad, Lyrics, and music image gif, Lyrics, and andrew belle image Lyrics, love, and andrew belle image
in my veins - andrew belle ft.erin mccarely
quotes, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image lyrics+, song+, and little+mix+ image Lyrics, queens, and jesy nelson image little mix, secret love song, and littlemix image
secret love song pt. II - little mix
song, a great big world, and lyric image oasis, a great big world, and video image heartbreak, Lyrics, and music image goodbye, say something, and love image
i dont wanna love somebody else - a big great world / say something - a big great world / already home a big great world
one direction, Harry Styles, and liam payne image strong, one direction, and Lyrics image direction, hold on, and louis image one direction, strong, and Lyrics image
strong - one direction
one direction, right now, and Lyrics image lyric, 1d, and right now image one direction, Lyrics, and 1d image Lyrics, right now, and love image
right now - one direction
beauty, fashion, and music image quotes image dua lipa, Queen, and dua image blue, green, and light image
homesick . dua lipa
Lyrics, song, and tumblr image adam, band, and film image couple, love, and kiss image quotes and sky image
heart like yours - willamette stone
Image removed rose, flowers, and red image aesthetic, edit, and lyric image Taylor Swift image
back to december - taylor swift
album, Lyrics, and music image sam smith and music image sad, sam smith, and drowning shadows image alone, evening, and town image
drowning shadows - sam smith
billie eilish image lovely, Lyrics, and song image lovely, khalid, and billie eilish image billie, eilish, and lovely image
lovely - billie eilish and khalid
Lyrics, meaning, and Powerful image camila cabello image Lyrics image camila image
something´s gotta give - camila cabello
consequences, guy, and words image consequences, bad things, and real friends image consequences, mila, and sad image camila cabello image
consequences - camila cabello
Image by Aninha Bilato little mix, pink, and friendship image broken, quotes, and sad image little mix image
turn your face - little mix

some more songs:

six feet under - billie
home - passenger
memories - shawn mendes
iris - kina grannis (cover)
lost on you - lewis capaldi
you´re somebody else - flora cash
before i close my eyes - xxxtentacion
another sad song - lower than atlantis
changes - xxxtentacion
berlin - ry x
fix you - coldplay
these four walls - little mix

i hope you´ll like this.
bye see ya.