my original character — “foster hudson”

(from my novel
“the paint on our hands”)

full name: foster isaac hudson
date of birth: july 16, 2001
star sign: cancer
age: 16 (will be 17 most of the story)
sex: male
nationality: american
ethnicity: caucasian

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( p h y s i c a l )

eye color: blue
hair color: brown
hair style: a little outgrown and very curly
clothing style: a very handsome and rugged style, casual but put-together. lots of baseball hats and jean jackets.

distinguishing features: a birth mark near his left elbow, freckles covering his back and arms, long eyelashes, his left eye is green around his iris.

height: 5'11
build: thin and lean; broad shoulders; long limbs; a little lanky.

skin, stars, and constellation image eye, eyes, and gray image blue, fashion, and black image aesthetic, denim, and grunge image

( c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s )

positive traits: generous, adventurous, friendly, athletic, caring, perceptive, popular, curious, sentimental, witty.
(both): shy, perfectionist, sensitive.
negative traits: easily frustrated, non-committal, idealistic, proud, anxious, impulsive, messy.

( b o n u s )
does their star sign have any significance?:
yes! foster portrays a male cancer to a T.
(sign traits: “deeply intuitive and sentimental. they are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about matters of the family and their home. cancer is sympathetic and attached to people they keep close.”)

iq: high

hobbies/interests: painting, football, writing and reading.

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( b a c k g r o u n d )

early years: grew up with a very close relationship with his parents, but when his parents were in a car crash when he was only seven, his mother died and his father blamed himself and came completely unhinged. cps promptly put him in the system when they realized his father was far too unstable to take care of a child. he always loved writing; he would write everything he felt, thought, experienced, and poetry was his outlet for when he felt he couldn't speak. when he was at his very first group home, he picked up the love of painting from another, older child. with his second foster family, he played football with his foster brothers in their backyard, in which he discovered a natural skill and love for the sport.
formative years: when he's not at school or football practice, he's hanging out with friends or working on a painting. right now, and through the book, he's growing a lot in his relationships, discovering things about himself and his past, and forming new, strong relationships with the people around him, including his foster parents.

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( r e l a t i o n s h i p s )

birth parents: Anthony and Mia Hudson
how is their relationship?: no longer in touch, but as a child his relationship with them was rich with love and generosity. they were great, caring parents, and he was a well-mannered and mild-tempered boy. they did everything together and he never minded being a “momma's boy”.

foster parents (currently): Michael and Jennifer Cruz
how is their relationship? somewhere between getting to know each other and being used to each other. not new, but not old, either. still in the cautious stage of the beginning of a relationship, but on the verge of growing.

siblings: n/a

friendship(s): Liam Howell, Aiden Stark, Matthew Foley
how are their relationships? Liam is his best friend, they do everything together; their friendship has grown a lot but isn't nearly done. Aiden Stark and Matthew Foley aren't his best friends by any means, but out of all the guys on his football team, they're the ones Foster's closest to.

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