Hello hello! It's been 8 million years since I've posted but ya know life happens kids. I'm back though so yay!

This article is going to be like 20 female Disney characters and their aesthetics. Let me know if you would want to see a male or villain one. Okay, here we go!

Alice // Alice in Wonderland

girl, dress, and blue image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cute, rabbit, and bunny image blue and flowers image Image by mustafafadhil

Anna // Frozen

girl, braids, and hair image architecture, castle, and travel image chair, photography, and snow image Temporarily removed crown, Queen, and princess image snow, winter, and sled image

Ariel // The Little Mermaid

red hair, hair, and piercing image beach, mermaid, and shell image aesthetic, ariel, and fork image beach, mermaid, and mermaids image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Aurora // Sleeping Beauty

beautiful, beauty, and crown image fantasy, princess, and sleeping beauty image flowers, rose, and aesthetic image flowers, aesthetic, and eye image hair, flowers, and blonde image flowers and squirrel image

Belle // Beauty and the Beast

book, books, and reading image beauty and the beast, belle, and aesthetic image cup, pot, and set image Temporarily removed candle, clock, and vintage image brown, caramel, and curls image

Cinderella // Cinderella

dress, blonde, and hair image crown and fashion image aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, animals, and fauna image

Elsa // Frozen

hair, style, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, hair, and blonde image snow and white image

Jane // Tarzan

Image removed Temporarily removed flowers, sunflower, and yellow image fashion, girls, and hat image book, milk and honey, and rupi kaur image beach, sunset, and sea image

Jasmine // Aladdin

Temporarily removed architecture, budapest, and dome image aladdin, genie, and jasmine image Temporarily removed aesthetic image theme image

Lilo // Lilo and Stitch

summer, beach, and surf image Temporarily removed flowers, hawaii, and red image beach, nature, and travel image beach, summer, and castle image beach, dance, and girl image

Megara // Hercules

architecture, aesthetic, and ancient image Temporarily removed aesthetic, gold, and greek image flowers, white, and nature image Image by tenderlygirl aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image

Merida // Brave

hair, girl, and photography image aesthetic, arrow, and artemis image witch, Halloween, and sign image map and world image Image removed aesthetic, bear, and human image

Moana // Moana

Image by Pnk MoOn Temporarily removed Temporarily removed flowers, summer, and beach image shell, beach, and sea image sea, blue, and ocean image

Mulan // Mulan

Image removed Temporarily removed japan, flowers, and pink image Image removed Image removed Image removed

Pocahontas // Pocahontas

animal, nature, and raccoon image Image by 🅔🅛🅔🅝🅐.🅝 Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed autumn, forest, and tree image

Rapunzel // Tangled

horse, white, and animal image beautiful, blonde, and emerald image Inspiring Image on We Heart It disney, rapunzel, and weapon image hair, blonde, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

Snow White // Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

apple and food image girl, hair, and beauty image hand image cottage and maleficent image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Tiana // The Princess and the Frog

witch, magic, and shop image forest, nature, and light image nature, green, and tree image hairstyle image Temporarily removed green image

Tinker Bell // Peter Pan

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed hair, bun, and blonde image shoes, aesthetic, and fantasy image

Wendy Darling // Peter Pan

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Mature image glitter image girl, model, and beauty image stars, Dream, and legs image Temporarily removed

Okay that's all! This took me a long time but I hope you enjoyed! Have an amazing week! I love you!

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