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I am vibrant and beautiful, and that makes me dangerous.

You may call me wicked, but I am just warning. Touch me and you’ll burn, listen to my song and your mind will spin for the rest of time. No portrait in The Louvre is as radiant as I am, no chocolate in Amsterdam can make you melt like I can.

You are brave and courageous and that makes you stupid.

You look at a woman like me and your pride gives you the illusion of strength, but strength doesn't amount to the power I hold. The lightning of Zeus could never electrify you so boldly. One touch and you’re mine, I can set your atoms into chaos and your skin into a frenzy.

No wisdom of Athena can save you from me. Because one smile and all logic flows out of you like a river. I can turn the smartest men’s brains to stone and you are no different.

So you can chase after me and I will enjoy it. I will savor you crawling on the ground to me begging for my love and perhaps I will give it to you right at the end. Right before I shatter your pride like glass falling to the earth.

Because I am the sun. And Icarus, you are flying too close.


I decided to type a short little story up for the competition, just for fun because I am LOVING your stories:) keep sending them in, and check out the article to find out more about it!