Hi there!
I'd like to write a review on the Korean tv drama Between Lovers.
For all of you who didn't watch it these are some points for you to decide to watch it or not watch it.

The story:
In my eyes, it's unique since I never watched a movie or serie about the survivors or victims of a building that collapsed. However some of you might have watched series/movies like that. Maybe it's because I'm usually not into those type of stories but I decided to watch this one because I heard about the nice landscape shots and the romance of course :).
It's especially about how the people live their lives after the incident and about how the main characters try to be extra carefull to not make the same mistakes as the people before them when creating a new building.
It's a lot about the hardships of living and losing the people you care about. This sounds kind of dark but I do think they give a positive twist to it and there are some beautifull lessons entangled in the story.

The main characters
Lee Gang Doo
His acting is really good. I actually read an article about him saying that in order to get into his role he tried to refrain from speaking to people etc. (his character is a bit unsocialable, especially in the beginning). I would watch this series even if it was just for him to be honnest. He's the kind of guy that went through so many hardships that he had no other choice then to become fucked up. However, you can see that the core of his being is still good and that he tries his hardest best to live a good life and be a good person, which is something I think is very beautifull. He appreciates the people by his side because he knows what it's like to be alone.

Ha Moon-Soo
I like her because she got this kind of tomboyisch style and character.
She's hardworking and a bit of a power woman, who needs to take care of her mother, the family business and build a career. She's acting quite well in most of the parts. However, some of her screaming I felt was a bit exagerated and also the love scenes weren't too great. She looked really scared in some of the kissing scenes and I felt like it was more her as a person being scared than the character that she had to play. Lee Gong Doo makes up for it though <3

In the beginning I was doubting to continue watching because the serie does have a lot of drama(obviously because it's a drama but sometimes I prefer to watch something less heavy). I continued because I felt like Lee Gong Doo's character was really interested and I wasn't dissapointed the story gets better by each episode and there were a lot of good scenes. I did have a lot of crying moments though but in a good way :).