10 things that make me happy!

1.My family.To be honest, they make me feel safe,secure,and happy.
I'm glad I was born into a family of such wonderful people.

2.My Friends.I can talk about anything.Except my problems though.I don't really talk about my problems much.I also try really hard to not say stupid things in front of them.

3.My laptop.My laptop gives me internet and things to keep me occupied with.

4.Drawing.I love drawing.It inspires me to do more and to create new things.

5.Writing is one my greatest skills.It lets me take out my emotions into words.

6.Netflix.I love watching Stranger Things,Agents Of Shield,and The 100

7.Money,I can spend or save it on things that make me happy or satisfied or to buy what I need.

8.New things.It puts my mind at ease and I can experience new things and learn new lessons along the way

9.My bed.