I've seen loads of these "my name in colors", so I decided to do one as well. credit for the whole tag goes to whoever started it.


1. Heliotrope

girl, bath, and water image Temporarily removed
this is as close as I can get to the actual color Heliotrope.

2. Ebony

girl, Hot, and Nina Dobrev image black, aesthetic, and dark image
ebony: a very dark black color.

3. Apricot

peach, aesthetic, and flowers image Temporarily removed

4. Vermilion

photography image red, bike, and house image
fun fact: red is my favorite color.

5. Emerald

green, velvet, and dress image green, makeup, and eyes image
this green is beautiful, man.

6. Navy blue

blue, ocean, and navy image aesthetic, blue, and denim image

thank you for reading.
cheers, Heaven.