Hello wonderful hearters! ✨ I know a lot of you are confused, afraid, sad or unhappy. Maybe all of them at once. First i want you to know that this is completely normal, specially when you´re young and our body grows. This is the phase where we all walk around having no clue what we want, or what to do with life. Where we make stupid mistakes, cry a lot, figuring things out. But no matter how you feel, there is always a reason to smile. I want to tell you mine;

1. forests

nature image forest, inspiration, and nature image
in my hometown we have a lot of forests and beautiful nature. when im sad or just have a lot on my mind i always take a walk in the forest and clean my head. ✨

2. calm songs

music image chandelier, light, and vintage image
not sad songs, but calm songs. if you´ve ever heard of `Sleeping at last, you should definately listen. i´ve also made a playlist if you´re curious;

3. harry potter

harry potter, hogwarts, and wallpaper image Temporarily removed
ohhh, where would i be without harry potter? it has given me so much, it inspires me and comforts me. i believe in magic ✨

4. animals

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animals are so pure, i love everyone of them

5. rain

nature, forest, and river image forest, fog, and nature image
its so calming and refreshing. when i hear the rain on the rooftop my soul finds inner peace haha.

6. art

dark, inspiration, and light image art, faery, and photography image
i just love the way we can express ourselves the way we want to! art is infinite and so beautiful

7. sunlight

adventures, nature, and travel image window, home, and light image
the feeling of sunlight on your skin is so pleasing, and it literally makes you feel a bit happier too, everything is more brighter.

8. books

book and aesthetic image book, coffee, and drink image
i just love the idea that we all create different images in our heads when we read a story. fantasy at its best

9. friends

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even if you have one or a hundred, friends are a big reason to keep smiling. you can talk to them, and they are supportive. stay close to them <3

10. hikes and travel

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the feeling of discovering a new place, or being in a beautiful place where you feel great makes me smile.

i hope you found a reason to smile, and just keep in mind that these little things will never go away. they will always be there to comfort you. thank you if you read this far, stay strong.