Hey. I am Sarah a normal teenager just like most of you all.
LIFE, four words and an experience of ages. If you are here, reading my very first article on your laptop or mobile then congratulation, you have a life.Now, I'm no Rupi Kaur or a psychologist I'm literally still figuring my own life but for the past 16 years, life has taught me a lot more than any class in high school has ever.
One of the most important lesson life has taught me is "If you ever want to be happy, you are the only person who can make yourself happy"
There are so many of us still out there trying to find "the one" who could make me happy, ugh I'm too single to be happy.
Girls listen up if you started loving yourself just like you expect someone else to trust me you'll wake up each morning with a great self-esteem.
Great Self-esteem =conquer life like a bawse.