It was about three hours into the bonfire. I spent those hours with Damien and our friends. I made sure I knew where Ivy was at all times. She didn't go far. Tyler's lap, Tyler's side, with Tyler to the booze filled coolers. They made it apparent they were dating by the overdose of PDA. I'm sure the rumors about him being gay influenced their overly affectionate behavior. She was tipsy, but Tyler was nearly blackout. He was making a fool of himself. Ivy was getting irritated and walked back by the woods. Perfect. I grabbed Damien's face and kissed him. He pulled me closer and grabbed my ass. "I'll be back," I said, smirking. I bit his lip before I was off to find my prey.

She was laughing with Luna until she started walking to the restroom. Neither of them would be laughing for long. I waited until she came back out making sure she didn't see me. I walked into her on purpose. "Ow," she exclaimed, looking me up and down. "Watch where you're going next time," I said. She glared at me and continued walking. I grabbed her by her hair and flung her to the woods. "Wtf is your problem?!" she yelled. "You," I replied. She sensed threat and turned into a wolf.

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My eyes turned black when she pounced at my face. I threw her off, a yelp escaping her mouth after I snapped her front paw. "Three more to go," I said devilishly.

I took my knife out and finished what had to be done. If only Tyler and Addison could be cellmates.