1. thinking bout you - ariana grande

ariana grande image

2. pretty girl - clairo

clairo, aesthetic, and girl image

3. get you - daniel caesar ( ft. kali uchis)

kali uchis, aesthetic, and music image

4. best part - H.E.R (ft. daniel caesar)

daniel caesar, daniel, and music image

5. on my mind - jorja smith x preditah

beauty and jorja smith image

6. teenage fantasy - jorja smith

aesthetic and makeup image

7. where did i go? - jorja smith

jorja smith and gorgeous image

8. after the storm - kali uchis (ft. tyler, the creator and bootsy collins)

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9. best friend - rex orange county

sunflower and rex orange county image

10. loving is easy - rex orange county (ft. benny sings)

aesthetic, alternative, and artist image

11. sunflower - rex orange county

sunflower and rex orange county image

12. disciples - tame impala

tame impala image

13. boredom - tyler, the creator (ft. rex orange county)

flower boy, golf, and rapper image

14. see you again - tyler, the creator (ft. kali uchis)

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15. 911/mr.lonely - tyler the creator (ft.frank ocean)

tyler the creator and frank ocean image

link to my spotify playlist : https://open.spotify.com/user/nursyifarania/playlist/1reN4Dsyf1Mjt4ax1DRPFF?si=zfLLrZhJRGiJVOo1f38txg

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