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I'm back with another article, but before

Where have I been this week?

Well... I got a surgery done. I was at the hospital from last Monday to today (16.04) when I'm writing this so yeah. Today is the day the surgery was planned before, but as things got worse fast- I got to do it a week ago.

So I've been away these past days and oh God I've missed writing so much and one of the biggest reasons I wanted to get well sooner is to write an article and

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Okay let's like ACTUALLY get started

I knew I needed to write an article. Right now. But what to write about? And then I got an idea. It's something must of us have suffered from and still are trying to recover from.

All black wardrobe

* dramatic music *

Okay, I'm joking. If you just love wearing all black ( I actually have tips for you too so maybe follow me, cause I'll probs will make a post about that too :) ) I'm not saying it's bad, unstylish or anything like that.

But some of us wore all black as a phase. Emo phase. "Trying to be cool" phase. I mean it worked. Cause everyone was always shook about my all black wardrobe when I was 12.

I mean idk how about you, but that's cool as hell.

Okay, I'll stop.

But how to get out of this habit of always noticing the black clothing first and always thinking that the black clothes suit you better and they're prettier?

Well, I'm here to help with some bright color outfits inspo and tips!

Let's get it!

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  • Let's be honest, have you really never looked at that bright yellow tee or sweatshirt and taught "wow that's nice", but never bought it, cause " it doesn't match your aesthetic"?

Please don't, if you like something- go and buy it.

Yellow is an amazing color it's really trendy since last year and never really died as a trend. Yellow looks amazing with your black pants. Just when you go shopping or shop online search for a yellow top. When you find one you like buy it. Don't think too much. When it arrives switch your usual black top with the yellow one and it's a whole new world.

I got so many compliments the day I did so

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  • Start off slow. Even if it's like a black hoodie with something written on it in red, or trousers with a bright blue line on the side. Things like this are a really good start off with.
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  • If bright is a bit too much for you, start with a simple darker red tee. Or a dark blue jacket, do something a bit more safe to make yourself feel more comfortable
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  • Socks! Get some unique colored socks!
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  • Leave that dark-colored top, instead change your bottom to a pair of light blue jeans! For the longest time, I thought that blue jeans didn't look good with a black top, but I was completely wrong, It looks great!
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  • You do not have to go all out on crazy colors. Beige, light pink etc. are really beautiful colors and look great on most of us.

Add color to your wardrobe little by little until you feel comfortable with it. No need to buy hundreds of bright colored clothing at once knowing you won't wear it. Start off slow is the key here. And I know what I'm talking about I've gone through this all black -> colorful transformation and I hope you can too and that this helped you.

Even if you already had some colors in your wardrobe I hope this was a good inspiration to you :)