Have you ever dreamed of having a job where you can work from home, receive products from different brands, and promote them on your social media? Well, in this article I will be mentioning 5 tips on how you can become a social media influencer.

1. Brand Yourself

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When starting your account, you want to decide what name are you going to go for. Of course, its your decision, but you need to make sure its a easy name for your audience to remember.

  • Is the name too long to remember?
  • Is it complicated to spell?
  • Does this name go well with the image I'm marketing?

These questions will help you decide the perfect name for your account. You can either use your real name or a stage name.

2. Tag! Tag! Tag!

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After creating your account, when you are starting to post pictures, always make sure to use your tags. Hashtags will help you get noticed by people and will beautifully increase your audience and your following.

Another way to tag, is by tagging brands on your photos. If you are wearing Adidas pants, TAG them. If you finished a makeup look using Fenty products, TAG them. That way, when they see your pictures, they will most likely post it on their page, meaning more people will see you and follow you.

3. Invest in Yourself

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Would you watch a YouTube video that had an interesting topic, but, poor video quality? NO! Same for Instagram. You need to invest and cultivate knowledge on how to take good photos.

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a expensive camera. Instead, you can use your phone camera, which is way cheaper. You can also download editing apps such as Face tune, VSCO, and much more. Search on the internet on how to use a camera, have lighting.

Trust me, the internet is the best tool! By having good quality photos, your audience will be attracted to your account. Remember...Content is KEY!

4. Do it for the Right Reason

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Yes, by being a social media influencer, you will make money, but, don't make that your top priority. You don't always have to accept that sponsored post. Post freely. Post pictures because you want to. Don't always do it for money. Because eventually, it will show to your audience that all you care about is cash, and not them.

5. Be Patient

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I repeat! Do not BUY FOLLOWERS. This is a really bad method. When brands see that you have 10k followers, but only 200 likes, they wont work with you. They want real followers, true likes, and a good engagement.

Its why you have to accept the fact that you wont gain 100k in a day. You need to be patient and go with the flow.


This job isn't easy to get. It requires a lot of research, dedication and patient. With these 5 tips, you will be able to start your account with a bit of ease. Remember, its not always about the money, do it for FUN!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first article. Stay tuned for more

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