Write something that someone told you about that you never forgot

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I remember my classmates telling me that they want to be like me because I don't seem to care about what others think. The truth is, I'm lost in my thoughts for a lot of time, which is why I can be a little indifferent regarding my surroundings. I know that I should be more mindful and be in the present, but i guess not caring what others think has its perks, too. I also remember one of my teachers telling me that I am different from most girls. I don't know why, but I like being unique and being myself, so it meant a lot to me. I remember being told that I'm a curious person, that I'm an effective worker, passionate, calm, strong, blunt, independent, and (most frequently) that I'm eccentric. I always came off as the weirdo in any group I'm in. But I like being myself and my personality. I love the person I am right now because I have worked hard to become her 💕