These are my tips for traveling almost for free, so let's start!

⊱ House Sitting
It consists of taking care of homes (and sometimes even domestic animals) when the owners are traveling. And you are also paid.
These are the best sites to visit:

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⊱ Request a credit card with which you can accumulate points for travel
There are some credit cards which offer this service and if you're not using them, you're practically throwing away free flights.

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⊱ Flight attendant
It's the first job that comes to mind when one thinks of travels. You can travel the world and get paid well to do it.

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⊱ Tourist guide
A little less demanding than the flight attendant the tourist guide craft is perfect for the ones who love to travel, but is also curious and wants to know (and make known) the beauties of a tourist resort.

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⊱ Volunteering
In exchange for your work you will be offered food and accommodation. However, even if the accommodation is free, travel expenses are at your expense.
You can teach english, help in a B&B, work with animals, help in a bio farm.
These are the best sites to visit:

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⊱ Au pair
If you like to spend time with children you can become an au pair. You'll have the chance to learn another language in a foreign country and be able to count on a second family. You can choose from destinations all around the world. Most families ask for young girls (usually 18-25 years old) who speak english and with a little babysitting experience. The family offers you food, accomodations and pocket money. In this way you can visit your dream destination being paid.
These are the best sites to visit:

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⊱ Exchange your house
If it's not a problem for you to host strangers in your home, exchange your home with someone who lives where you want to go guarantees you a free accommodation. The sites are many and among the most famous (asking for a small annual registration fee) there are:

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⊱ Couch Surfing
For those who adapt easily, I recommend the Couch Surfing. Couch Surfers ask hospitality to members of the network who welcome them for free in their home, often on the sofa or in the guest bedroom. is the best site to visit.

⊱ Mistake fares
Mistake fares happen all the times because of human error, currency conversion mishaps, omitting fuel surcharges & fees. That's why you may find something like this: Various US cities to Hawaii, return – $7 USD.
This is an effective method to travel on a low budget, just be sure to not buy tickets which cost 0$ because the airline company can cancel your ticket.
These are the best sites to visit (you can find sites for all countries around the web):

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