I struggle with acne since the first year of high school and that was sooo bad like i want to cry everytime i see my face. That was 2 years ago when I breakout for the first time I feel so insecure about myself. But now I'm learning if acne is normal, everyone have it and it will go away one day especially if I treat it right.
Finally I found skincare routine that actually works for me and help me get rid from breaking out. It works for me doesn't mean if it will work for you too but you can try it! Don't forget if everything takes time especially for acne problem.

1. Double Cleansing

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First, I always use micellar water to remove my makeup, sunscreen, or anything from my face because only cleanser is not enough. After that I wash my face with cleanser, you can use anything as long as its gentle, cetaphil is great i tried it before.

2. Tone

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Use toner after you wash your face to balance your pH level. I really recommend to use toner without any alcohol. I use my local brand because its way cheaper.

3. Moisturize

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I use grapeseed oil and almond oil together and it works really great for me! I really recommend to try grapeseed oil because it makes my pores look smaller and reduce acne.

4. Sunscreen

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5. Exfoliate

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Exfoliate once a week is enough. I use Freeman Diamond Mineral exfoliating scrub and I love it. Sometimes I make a diy scrub with coffee+coconut oil+honey ad it smells sooo good.

6. Face Mask

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I really really love face mask. Clay mask is really good for acne. Use it 2-3 times a week.

7. Sleeping Mask

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When I don't have any active acne, I use aloe vera gel as a sleeping mask. I put it on before I go to bed and wash it in the morning. This is an easiest way to get glowing skin that i have tried.

8. Acne Treatment

I use retinoic acid for my acne treatment and it works. Use it only at night and always use sunscreen during the day if you use retinoic acid at night.

So thats it, if you try any of these i really hope it works for you too!