Festival season is upon us (it has already been blessed by Beychella), and you are probably already making plans for the summer with your gals! Indeed, I have been guilty of planning things to do rather than things to bring. So, don’t make the same mistake as me! Here, I have created a list of essentials so you do not have to worry about forgetting necessities for your getaway!


Think about what will work whilst you are lounging and chilling about. So, stop thinking about what outfits to wear daily, and bring those joggers! This way, you can fit more room into your luggage for other essentials, perhaps those extra towels would be handy?

Makeup and travel bag

Another space invader in your luggage is your makeup bag. How often do you bring more than you need? Think about what you will need to go with your tan or outfit. Perhaps your favourite bronzer rather than a variety of blushers. If you want to be festival ready, go for some festival glitter (https://www.wishuponasparkle.co.uk/press/festivals/) and dazzle in that crowd!

Comfortable flats

Did you know your feet swell in hot weather? This means, it can get very uncomfortable for you if you want to wear high heels. Instead, have an enjoyable holiday in comfortable flats! Consider wedges and embellished slippers instead to tackle those cobbled streets. Or if you are planning a hike or going on a walking tour in the city, make sure to pack walking shoes or comfortable trainers to ensure better protection for your feet. You should consider bringing a pair of slippers or sliders to walk around your accomodation too!

A document full of travel essentials!

I will admit it. I have a problem with keeping track with all my travel essentials, as they normally end up all over the place. Often, I end up messing up my room to retrieve the vital documents to secure my journey home. Since my mother recommended placing all the travel documents in one file, this have saved me from the last minute panic during check out time! So, make sure you have your airline information and tickets, passport, festival tickets, a pen, cash and credit card!

Also, make sure to pack your sunscreen and after-sun too, as skin protection is very important from strong UV rays! And now you’re holiday ready!