[ Little disclamer : The English is not my original tongue, i'm still learning it. And what's better than practicing for learning something haha. If you find any mistakes, please be confortable to send me a message. ]

Hey guys, what's up ?

I'm back with a new article which the category is so important to me.
And to be honest with you, all of the articles i'll write is mostly for myself, my mental, my motivation, and i hope for the new me that i want build from now on.

But, if the articles will help you, it's something so amazing for me too. And i sincerly hope that it will !

The first subject is about the success.

I'm so tired of being so frustrated, stressful and not confident with my studies.
I'm so tired of waking up every morning with a big war in my stomach.
I'm feeling like a mess, a fuc*ing poop lol.

A women which her brain is not as beautiful as her, is so boring.

But now, i want it over.

Combine beauty with intelligence, and confidence. Keep your head up, darling.

Start right now, in this moment. Not tomorrow, not the day after. JUST NOW.

  • Today, i decide to get my sh*tty ass out my confort zone.
  • Today, i decide to work hard everyday, to get out my fears what kill me every single moment in my life.
  • Today, i decide to challenge myself, to know what happen if i study very very hard.
  • Today, i decide to shine, to breath, to be confortable in the university, with my teachers, with my studies.

Today, i decide to be successful.