Hey! This is my first article♡! I make this tag because I want you to know me and how I am! Enjoy it♡

1. What is your name?
-my name is Stanciu Sara-Maria.

2. What is your favorite color?

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-I recently discovered four colors that I like very much: baby pink, dark olive green, dark yellow and lavender. 😍

3. How tall are you?
-I have 1.69 m.

4.What is your favorite animal?

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-I love cats and dogs.They are soooo cute. I don't have any of these animals but I really want a puppy(especially a pug)🐶 or a kitten🐱.

5.Where are you from?

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-Well I'm from Romania, an European country 🇹🇩 (this is a photo from some mini-castles)

6.How many countries have you visited?

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-I visited just Bulgaria🇧🇬 and Greece🇬🇷 but this year I'm going to Germany and France(omfg I'm soooo excited😜)

7.What is your favorite subject?

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-I like English🔠, Biology🔬 and Basketball (I know this isn't a subject but at the gym class we play basketball everytime so...🏀)

8.What is your favorite drink?

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-COLAAA...I know the coke isn't healthy but COLA IS LIFEEE

9.What is your favorite perfume?

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-Of course, "Moonlight"🌙 by Ariana Grande! The smell is just magical😍 I recommend this perfume ,also the packaging is brilliant.

10.What would you name your children?
-If I will have a girl, I will call her Sophie👨‍👩‍👧 and if I will have a boy, I will call him David👪.

11.What is your favorite book?

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-DEFINITELY HARRY POTTER⚡ I've just read 2 books but I'm in love with this series of books! Probably I will do a tag just for Harry Potter💞.

12.Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

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-I don't have a fav youtuber but I like Gabi, Wengie, Simply Nailogical and Sarah Betts. You should subscribe them if you didn't because they are making a very good job🙌😻. (here are some photos if you don't know them)

13.Who is your favourite singer?

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14.What is your favorite movie?
-I don't have a favorite movie but I like Nerve, Before I fall, The mountain between us, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson version), Harry Potter etc. 💗❤️

15.How would you describe your fashion style?

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-I don't think a fashion style but I like to wear crop tops, hoodies, skinny jeans and mom fit jeans, cute skirts and sneakers.👟👖👚

these were all the 15 questions. I hope you liked this tag and that it seemed inspiring to you☁️

xoxo, Sara!!!