Hey everyone!!!

Before, I had long thoughts in writing an article here on WHI but I was truly inspired after reading other people's travel blog online. So just like everyone else, I also hope to travel in not so far away. By the way, I'm from Asia country as well and you guys might get confused or asks me the reason of "why cant you travel when its so near and blah blah" well the reason is, i don't have enough money and time yet.

Time because I'm soon to become a fourth year college student and I have no time to travel because of my priorities in life maybe right after I graduate?

Money because we are on financial crisis and I don't think its a great idea to leave while problems are still banging on my head like crazyy.

Too much for explanations guys. HAHAHA :)

So here are some Asia countries that I truly wanted to explore.

1. SOUTH KOREA - 안녕하세요

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2. THAILAND - สวัสดี

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3. JAPAN - こんにちは

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4. VIETNAM - xin chào

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5. HONG KONG - nay-ho

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