When you're choosing a destination with a small budget, most of the times New York City isn't an option. However, today I'm going to help you visit the big city with a small budget!

*Consider hostels*

The biggest place you can save money in is your hotel. If you're willing to share a room with others, a hostel is a perfect option. Most of the times the highest price will be $300 for one week.

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*Purchase a tourists pass*

Tourist passes offer free entry or discounted entry to many popular destinations, such as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. Despite this sounding wonderful, these passes might not work for you, so I'd recommend doing the research beforehand.

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*Use public transportation*

Avoid spending money on taxis, they often charge close to $100 when your destination is two streets away. Bike, use the transit, walk, or take a bus. Another tip is to invest in a metrocard that gives you unlimited travels for around $30. If you'll be using the subway as your main use of transportation, this is a huge money saver.

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When booking a flight, choose the cheapest one you can find, but make sure to pay attention to quality as well. Another tip is to cut back on luggage, the less you can bring the less you have to pay. Sometimes airports even allow you to have free carryons. The one I used recently let us bring a backpack/purse and a small duffle bag for no charge at all. For more tips on luggage, check out my "travel 101 l packing" article!

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*Entertainment and food*

While planning for your trip pay close attention to fees and tips. Some things that look free or cheap often have hidden fees behind them, so as I always say, do your research. When it comes to eating, avoid high end restaurants and check out family-owned restaurants and fast food places. There's also plenty of places out there that offer huge slices of pizza for almost nothing. Also, if you tend to snack a lot visit the local supermarket or convenience store to pick up snacks, it'll be cheaper than going into cafes and kiosks.

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*Don't play santa*

While choosing items to bring back for friends and family, I'm sure they'll be happy with a hat or keychain, so there's no need to spend $30 for a shirt for everyone you know. This goes for yourself too, don't waste money on things that have poor quality or that you'll never use, spend your money on things you'll get the most out of.

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*Don't be afraid to splurge*

If you have some wiggle room in your budget, don't be afraid to dine at that 5 star restaurant or buy that item you've been looking at the whole trip. When traveling its all about having fun and adventuring, so be spontaneous when you have the chance too.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this article, I know it's pretty self explanatory but most people overlook these tips. If you have any requests or you'd like to collab, then DM me!

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