This is going to be a playlist composed of
Korean music

(Disclaimer: I am not korean nor do i think i know korean, some of these songs might not have the right kind of lyrics for the playlist, but honestly to me it has the right vibe)

the songs are on Spotify and on my Spotify account, you could try searching it by the title of this article (without the parenthesis obv) or by this link


who knows i might put more songs or remove some songs to the playlist. plus you could see the others i have, if you want all choice here.

okay on to the playlist sorry.


🍃 The Night With You - Lee Min Hyuk
🍃 Erasing - Jeong Jinwoon
🍃 꽃 - 하와이 (Hwaii)
🍃 행복해 Happy - Coffeeboy
🍃 얻떻게 말핡까 - O.WHEN
🍃 Take A Nap - Airman
🍃 Eden - Moonmoon
🍃 다음이 있읅까 - Lee Hyun
🍃 Like you - Gavy N.J
🍃 Shall We Walk Together - Jeung Seung Hwan

Temporarily removed
I’ll hold your hand, Now listen to my heart

🍃 Dear - Sweden Laundry
🍃 X - 20 Years of Age
🍃 Petal Fortune - PERC%NT


the playlist on my Spotify has more songs so if you wanna listen my Spotify username was placed above.

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