Hi beauties!

I was kinda bored so I decided to write something... Literally anything that I could come up with, or that is like a challenge or something... So here I am, writing this one. I kinda like this one the most cause that's the way for you to get to know me, or writers in general on WHI. I shall start then...

If I were a color

moon, wallpaper, and black image Temporarily removed black, happy, and color image
I'd probably be black or dark grey I don't have explanation why except that I really like them.

If I were animal

Temporarily removed cat, cute, and animal image
I love cats. They are just so cute and loyal.

If I were a season

Image by mustafafadhil nature, book, and autumn image
I'd probably be autumn, I just adore the weather, rain, clouds, darkness...

If I were a object

Temporarily removed book, romeo and juliet, and romeo image
Well, obviously, a book.

If I were an element

Temporarily removed girl, water, and pool image
Water all the way.

If I were a clothing style

fashion, girl, and vans image fashion, outfit, and style image clothes, fashion, and fashion inspiration image Temporarily removed
Grunge. That's just my style, idk...

If I were clothing item

fashion, shoes, and jeans image pale image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
This is hard... Hmm, probably a pair of "New Rock" cause they are so unique, strange, different.

If I were a mythical creature

gif, alternative, and black image
Witch. I would really like to do spells and help people by making, like potions. And I was pretty obsessed with ahs and that season of it.

If I were a flower

vodka, rose, and flowers image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image
I'd be a rose.

If I were a fruit

Image by ioannatryfa pineapple, summer, and water image
I love pineapple, so I'd be that.

If I were music genre

lana del rey, vintage, and music image
Hard... Indie pop/rock, pop punk/rock.

If I were a song

nervous image Carmen, couple, and god image
I'd be "Nervous" by THE NBHD

If I were subject

Temporarily removed morning, note, and notes image
I'd be math or physic

If I were a weather

aesthetic, cloud, and cloudy image Image removed
Rainy and dark, cloudy.

If I were a tale

alice, alice in wonderland, and quotes image cry, quotes, and alice in wonderland image gif image alice in wonderland, alice, and grunge image
Well OBVIOUSLY I'd be "Alice In Wonderland"

If I were planet

planet, saturn, and city image amazing, astronomy, and beautiful image
Saturn. I've always liked that planet more then others for no real reason.

If I were a drink

Image by Lera457 Image by cinderelamodernizada
Hot chocolate.

If I were a series of books

book image harry potter, hufflepuff, and hogwarts image
Harry Potter.

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