I thought I'd share a few movies that I absolutely love! I hope you'll enjoy them just as much as I do.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

robert downey jr image movie, rdj, and robert downey jr image
This movie is an R-rated comedy and romance starring Robert Downey Jr. I recommend it for it's humor and good plot of an actor solving a crime while trying not to be framed.

The Life Aquatic (with Steve Zissou)

movie and the life aquatic image movie and the life aquatic image
Another R-rated comedy, starring Bill Murray. This story follows an oceanographer that seeks revenge on a "jaguar shark" that ate his partner. I recommend this for its wacky lovable characters.

Real Steel

hugh jackman, movie, and real steel image hugh jackman, movie, and robots image
This movie stars Hugh Jackman. It's a lovely, interesting sci-fi movie of robots that have taken our place in the sport of boxing. I recommend it as a great family movie of a heart-warming robot that is not what he seems.

August Rush

movie, robin williams, and august rush image august rush and movie image
This movie is about an orphan who has a knack for music, namely a guitar. He is found by a musician (played by Robin Williams), and his career begins. The boy is then surprised by people who he thought were strangers. I recommend it for the great story plot, as well as the love for music that is shown throughout.


chris evans, genius, and movie image genius, movie, and gifted image
This tear-jerking movie focuses on a little girl who is raised by her uncle (played by Chris Evans). She is a genius, and the movie calls to question whether geniuses like her should live normal lives or strive to be the best at the best of universities. I recommend it for its plot and characters.

That's all for now 😊 I hope these are good recommendations and that there is something in this short list for everybody. Thanks for reading!