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On my break I met Luna at a cafe. She demanded that we get coffee together. She's a special one. Even a witch doctor told Mrs. Hart those words while she was pregnant with her. It's a good thing, but it attracts danger to her. I won't dive into it too much, but Luna was kidnapped when she was two and not found until two years later. Mr. Hart is a badass cop and found his daughter. I'll save the details.

Mrs. Hart was my professor. We bonded automatically. She turned into the mother figure I never had. I'm grateful to have been taken under her wing shortly after arriving here in Squamish. She helped me with my English and I helped her with French, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. Mr. Hart calls me their adopted daughter. He even acts like my overprotective dad around my boyfriend Milo. He went through a hardcore interrogation. I thought it was hysterical and heartwarming. Turns out, Milo won his approval rather quickly. They treat me like family and it helps fill that void a bit. No matter what happens, they'll have a special place in my heart. When Riley and Luna came into the picture it brought us even closer. I love Riley and Luna like little sisters. I've watched them grow up and we've had a lot of fun moments together. It's bittersweet to see them so grown up now. First Riley came to me gushing about Jordan, now it was Luna's turn.

After Luna told me about her precognition experience and Cora's MMA trainer, I couldn't help but laugh. I was secretly hoping this guy would wind up being her soulmate. What a cute love story. I also planned on meeting the new hairy addition to the Hart family soon. Scout Hart. Oh, Luna. You sure are a special girl.

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"Your birthday's coming up! Prepare to be woken up by me and Riley," she said smiling. I laughed. "Oh gosh. I will be looking forward to that." I would be. It's nice to feel appreciated and loved, and with them around, I always do. They're the most generous family I know. We finished our coffee and planned to see each other again soon.