Terror and tenderness: Syrian boy protects sister during bombing
Terror, fear, bombs and war should not be part of the children's universe.

In this world weakened by the greed of a few, by the urge to subjugate, to sebrepujar, to overcome the other; in this world that turned its back on empathy and embraced unbridled competition, unbridled consumption ... In this time when a man's possessions are worth more than essence, terror and tenderness mingle and materialize in the cover image. It is a Syrian boy protecting his sister during a bombing, amid this endless war that has plagued the country for years.

I know that we can do little in the face of these great wounds of humanity. But we can do, each within the social circle in which it is inserted, the inversion of the logic of our times.

Giving a hand to kindness, giving voice to the silenced in misery and pain, giving a smile to the one who crosses our path, vibrate in favor of the underdogs, be the best version of ourselves whenever we can.

That each day, in honor of those who hide from the bombings and observe their own fragility in the face of the hatred of so many, let us be good to someone. In homage to them, let us be good to someone.