There's too much stuff goin' on? You can't breath anymore? You can't sleep without thinking about the past? Or the future scares you because you don't wanna be hurt like before?
You may feel like you are about to explode.
You may have even thoughts that you never thought you could think of.
Or maybe you're about to give up on life.

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Please stop torturing yourself. Stop crying everyday 'cause you feel like it's the only way to get better. 'Cause it's not.
Press pause. For 1 month, for 2 weeks, for 3 days, for 24 hours or even just for 30 minutes. You need to rest. There are some tips you can follow:

Close your phone or other devices

You need to disconnect from society. You need to gave your attention on you.

Listen to music that makes you feel GOOD

It's not required to be all happy songs. Maybe a sad one will make you feel better. (I personly think that when I listen sad music when I'm not doing well makes me in a better mood. It makes me really calm)

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Thirsty - Geoffroy
Big jet plane - Angus & Julia Stone
Flightless Bird, American mouth - Iron & Wine
Lost In The Light - Bahamas
Cigarette Daydream - Cage The Elephant
A Prince -Jorja Smith

Go outside.

Take a look of what nature can do. Take a walk alone or with your dog really early in the morning when it's still cold. You will feel your body waking up. Or you can go really late at night. But I personally think that the best time is when you can see the sunset. When it's the case, I stop and start playing my favorite song of the moment: Revenge -XXTENTATION or Bloom - The Paper Kites

(don't forget that every sunset is different so you can go walk every day;) )

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Also if you are next to the sea or the ocean, it the perfect place to be in peace. Closing your eyes, listening to the waves and breath.

Hangout with people that makes you feel GOOD. (optional)

Some people will make you feel more alone than ever. You need someone who makes you smile and who's not asking ''How are you?'' 'cause he or she already knows how you feel.

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Do stuffs you are passionate about. (Maybe you have forgotten what you like. Well I can propose you some of the little things I enjoy)

Take photos, sing with a piano or a ukulele, read, writting (your feelings), painting or drawing, cooking, camping... (try some of those)

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FINALLY, the last little tip that I can give you is TELLING YOURSELF YOU ARE FINE AND HAPPY (SMILE). It sounds cheese but the more you tell yourself, the more you'll feel it.

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If you really need to talk about yourself to someone, don't be shy, just text me.
-Julie xx