So, I finally decided to do the #WHIGetToKnowMeChallenge. I've wanted to do it for a little while but I never got around to it and I thought, well better late than never and what a better time then after I've reached over 1,000 followers and was awarded the WHI writer's badge so here I go.

20 facts about me:

1) My name is Keelyshaye (pronounced kee-lee-shae).

2) I'm 19 years old.

3) My birthday is January 22nd.

4) I'm an Aquarius and yes I do believe in astrology.

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5) I Love anime ( my favorite animes are my hero academia, seven deadly sins, bleach, one piece, fairy tail, naruto and naruto shippuuden just to name a few).

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6) I was born in Barbados where I currently still live.

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7) I live with with my mother and stepfather but I want to move out soon.

8) I am in my last year of school but I don't plan on going to college or university immediately afterwards ( I want to take some time from the school life atmosphere and just breathe, I would love to travel instead).

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9) I don't know how to play any musical instruments but I want to learn, especially piano.

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10) I dream of traveling the world.

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11) I dream of going on marvelous, extraordinary yet kind of dangerous adventures like the kind in movies or books and find lost treasures.

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12) I consider myself a pagan/ witch( I'm a good witch I promise 😈).

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13) I'm obsessed with magic, fantasy, myths and legends( especially Greek myths).

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14) My favorite kind of movies are comedy, action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy and superhero movies ( marvel all the way!).

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15) My least favorite movies are romance genre (I mean if there's a bit of romance along with action and suspense them I can tolerate them but not if their overly sappy).

16) I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to love.

17) I've never been in a relationship.

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18) I've never traveled outside of my home country ( but I want to so bad not that its horrible here, I just want to see more of the world).

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19) I love to read and write, I try to write stories (I always start them but never finish them cause I lose motivation cause I'm kind of a lazy person).

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20) My favorite musicians are Lana Del Rey, Logic, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Drake, SZA, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, 5SOS, Dua Lupa, Ed Sheeren etc.

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BONUS FACT (because why not ): I HATE bugs (not butterflies or ladybugs tho) even though I love to explore and be amongst nature.

ANOTHER BONUS FACT ( because again, why not): I have three siblings, 1 sister and two brothers but I'm the youngest.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and get to know me and thank you to all my followers for your support.- Keely.