Hogwarts House

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Slytherin is all about ambitious and cunning but also pride which all three highly represent me!

Ilvermorny House

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Wampus, represent the body and favors the warriors...


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Goshawk are predatory birds from the same family as eagles!


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Black wand: Beech wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½" and Unbending flexibility


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White cat with blue eyes, my love!

Quidditch Position

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I'm a Seeker bitches!!

Favorite Subject

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Defence against dark arts, Astronomy, Ancient runes, and History of magic!

Favorite spell

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...Do I really need to explain why...

Favorite Magical Creature

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Really shy animal, always associate with offence and death

Favorite Place in Hogwarts

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The Astronomy Tower, I would feel free, independent, like if nothing could stop me! No one would come to annoye me!

Favorite Professor

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Professor Snape & Professor Mc Gonagall!