A Project

First of all you need a Project, anything you plan to do and you really look forward to spent your whole time with.
Some Examples:

  • travel, backpacking, road trip
  • study for school/universiy
  • learn a new skill
  • get in shape
  • do an internship
  • read a specific numer of books
  • start gardening
  • volunteer work
  • renovate your room/house
  • get to know your vicinity
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Seek Company

Most things are funnier with other people so ask friends, family or (in case you do an internship or anything like this) be open to get in contact with new people. Of course it is also possiple to do things like studying alone but make sure that you do not sit in your room the whole summer.

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Define your goal and do research

  • what do you want your summer to be like?
  • what do you want to see/experience/learn/...?
  • when will you start?
  • where do you want to be? how do you get there?
  • how can you reach your goal?
  • why do you want to do this?
  • who will be with you?

Create a precise plan

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Maybe you fear that you cannot afford everything you would like to do but believe, most of it is possible.
Letยดs think about...
โ†’ what you want to do (now you can look at your plan)
โ†’ how expensive this is, just make a rough estimate and donยดt be shocked if it is a lot
โ†’ possibilities Is there anything you could strike from the list because you do not really want to do it? Or is there a different but cheaper way eg. bus instead of airplane? Or can you borrow things from a friend for example a backpack?
โ†’ earning money with doing a job or selling old clothes
โ†’ support from your parents

Now look at all these things and again estimate everything and look which new revenues you have.

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Even if you do not plan a big project for this summer, a bucketlist is super nice to make sure you experience a lot of things because you can get inspiration on the internet and also plan your summer ahead.

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just some ideas but of course there are a lot more & you can find them (especially on whi) very easy :)

Hope you enjoyed this articleโ˜บ Feel free to sent me a postcard with your thoughtsโค
Wish you all a great day and an amazing summer =)โ€