Summer break is just around the corner and with it comes the freedom of vacation
Habitually it also comes with a bucketlist/wishlist so here goes

Summer 2018 Bucketlist & Wishlist

  • get a tattoo
tattoo and imperfection image
A small one-word-tattoo on the arm in arabic
  • get one more ear piercing
aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image
An upper lobe piercing
  • read the harry potter books
aesthetic, books, and library image
The last four books
  • visit a cultural place
golestan palace image
Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran
  • get clean skin
Temporarily removed
Sheet mask once a week
  • take more polaroid pictures
selena gomez, polaroid, and selena image
Of friends, family and events
  • get a drivers license
flowers, car, and vintage image
And buy a new car
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