The moon shone over us as we sat on the windowsill. She lit a cigarette and smoked it silently as I looked away pretending not to be annoyed by the smell. I’d known her for a while and I was already used to her acting like someone she wasn’t. Her fragile figure was hidden under layers of black fabric, the cigarette dancing between her bright red lips. She leaned towards the street and then back again as she blew circles of smoke that floated above us growing bigger and thinner. I watched them disappear; they were pretty, but they didn’t go with her.
“You don’t have to be here,” she said without looking at me “if you hate the smell that much.”
I laughed silently, I was used to that. That was how our relationship went; she would try to push me away and act disinterested as I followed her around, but as soon as I tried to get away she would attract me again. And I always fell for it, when she looked at me like that resisting her was simply impossible.

“Do you want me to leave?” I said and for a second, I could see a smile showing at the edge of her lips, but she quickly got rid of it. She shrugged in response and I leaned against the wall trying to distract myself with the movement of the passing cars.
She finished her cigarette and sat with one leg on each side of the wall, facing me. Her gaze was daring, waiting for me to act, but I looked away instead. I was tired of being the one taking the first step each time. It took her so long to speak that I thought she wasn’t going to.
“Did you know that Iceland is a country with more whales than people?” she said. I looked at her laughing and her smile was so sincere that I felt the need to swallow my pride and kiss her right on the spot.
“Is that so?” I moved a little closer, she smelled of lavender mixed with Tabaco, resulting in a bitter sweet scent.
“So I’ve heard,” she said smirking, her arms between her thighs moving just enough to catch my attention. “I could be lying though, you know how much I like my lies.” She looked away like she did when she wanted to hide her feelings. Had it been anyone else, they would have bought the lies, the package of the playful sexy girl trying to be funny, but I could see the sadness hidden behind those green eyes.
I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t resist her, I moved close enough to feel her breath on my face, our lips separated only by an inch.
“Why do you keep coming for me? I’m not even nice to you,” she whispered as she wrapped me with a rush of attraction. It was the first time I heard her hesitate whilst talking, and somehow that made me want her more. She was usually all rough and sharp edges. But at that moment, as my lips brushed hers, she was so transparent I could see right through her.
“I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck,” she opened her eyes in surprise and immediately went back to her tempting glare, biting her lip, calling me without saying a word.
I promised I wouldn’t do it again, but what did she expect? Looking at me like that. I held her face between my hands and sank on a kiss as she drew her body closer to mine. I let her win again, but it was more than worth it.

I wrote this inspired by the song "505" by Arctic Monkeys for @authorelodie 's challenge. I really like her work so I thought I could participate on this one, it's a great idea to help writers grow on this platform.

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