Hi people of the world!

I love a cozy room, so i'm going to share some things to make any room cozy, enjoy! 😊

↬ Every cozy room has to have fairy lights

They are like stars in your bedroom and your bedroom is like an other planet. They make you feel you're in outer space.

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↬ Candles

Theres so many benefits in candles, they help to relax, bring a nice smell to the room, it is a source of illumination.

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↬ A soft blanket

There has to be a blanket to get warm and comfy.😊

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↬ Lots of pillows

It's okay to not have a lot of pillows they just has to be comfortable to you.

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↬ Drinks

I usually have tea but you can have coffee, water, orange juice, whatever you like. 😄

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Thanks for your time. 😀