Hello Everybody, my dearest followers

Welcome back to my 30 Days Challenge this is the eleventh day.
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Before all, i want to say that today was a black day in my country, three journalist was murdered by terrorist. I feel that pain because i study communication.

#NosFaltan3 #SiempreFaltarán3

Day 11: Write a letter to your 8 years old self

Dear Myself:

Hi little girl, i want to tell you many things but you could get scared, anyway, i'm going to do it, because i want to you have a happy life.

The first one: Tell your grandfather that you love him, if you could everyday, don't be embarrased, i get embarrased and now i couldn't tell him "I LOVE YOU" never again.

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The final one: Don't self-harm you are an amazing girl, you are unique, i know it's hard but you are strong baby girl. Be who you are don't matter what.

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You are a bright star little girl, love yourself, be happy and live happily.